Ultrasonic cavitation which we refer to as a melt session (because the inches melt away) is a reliable tried and clinically tested way to target fat and reduce inches.  This treatment dissolves fat using ultrasound sound waves. Say goodbye to scary scalpels, groggy anesthesia and painkiller dependent recovery time.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, ultrasonic cavitation is a safe, noninvasive, promising technology for localized reduction of fat. This tried and true technology allows you to spot reduce the most common troublesome areas by up to 25 percent.

At your first appointment you will have the opportunity to ask questions and your technician will ensure there are no medical contraindications. After your consult, photos and measurements will be taken to document your melt session journey. Once you remove your shoes and settle on the table, ultrasound gel is applied to the treatment area and the cavitation head is placed on the skin to begin your melt session. You’ll hear a singing in your ears as the ultrasound waves enter your body. The technology of the cavitation head allows it to both remove localized stubborn pockets of fat and help break down cellulite. You’ll feel firm movements in a circular and back and forth motion as your technician moves the cavitation head across the area to be treated.

The vacuum head is used next to help shape and contour the treated area. It also ensures that all fat cells which were broken down are moved towards the body’s lymphatic system to aid in their removal.

Lastly, we use the radio frequency head to tighten the skin. Some clinics charge separately for this. Cavitation with radio frequency produces the most reliable, rapid and noticeable results. This is why we include it at no extra charge as part of a comprehensive body contouring session.

When your first session is complete, measurements will be taken again. This is to help determine how many melt sessions you will need. Cavitation will remove between 12 to 25 percent of body fat in the treated area. As this is not a surgical procedure, individual results will vary. Light and fluffy fat disseminates more quickly than mature, dense fat. Most clients begin to see noticeable results after 4 session hours. Depending on the client 4 -10 session hours is about the average for substantial fat reduction. Although, a series of 12 sessions can be completed before the body needs to rest and then a new series of 12 can begin.