If you are a little further away from your ideal size, then our Lipo-Cavi session is probably what you are looking for. This is the industry gold standard and it’s the only service our practice initially provided. Results are predicatable, long lasting and also include skin tightening. We recommend a minimum of 8 sessions, once a week. A standard course is between 8 to 12 mini-melt sessions. Depending on how your body responds, you may not need more than 8. These are sold in packages of 4.

Now, for deeper fat removal you may wish to consider our Lipo-HIFU. This is our Lipo-Cavi on steroids. (Not really, we don’t use drugs here). But it does get much deeper under the subdermis than our Lipo-Cavi and you can see the steam coming out of the wand. If your BMI is under 30 then you will probably see an immediate reduction of one pant size. Your technician will measure you and determine how many sessions you will need. We’ve noticed 3 sessions seems to the magic number for this service.

Don’t have time to come back every week. Then go with our CryoMelt fat freezing service. This permanently removes up to 30% of the fat and a two week follow up is included. Your technician will measure you to determine how many sessions you will need.

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