Radio frequency technology is FDA approved to tighten loose or sagging skin on the decollete, neck, jawline, crows feet, abdomen, arms and legs without any recovery time. This is a very relaxing session and sleep is encouraged! You will feel warm and perhaps tingling during your session as the RF head moves over the area to be treated.

At your first appointment you will have the opportunity to ask questions and your technician will ensure there are no medical contraindications. Depending on the area to be treated and the desired outcome, a mix of several modalities may be used to achieve desired results. After your consult, photos will be taken to document your melt session journey. Once you remove your shoes and settle on the table, your technician will begin with either a serum, oil,  lotion, or ultrasound gel depending on the recommendations from your consultation.

At the end of your session photos will be taken again. Some clients will see results after their first session, but we recommend at least 3 sessions for the face and up to 12 sessions for the body area.